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Corinthiana, Malokeira, Sofredora, Graças a Deus

My name's Natália and I'm 23 years old. Fanatic for war movies, redemption storylines and secondary characters. My posts consist of: Corinthians, Everything Russian (these fucking russians man), Tom Hiddleston/Loki and Tom Hardy/Bane epic life ruining skills and much more... Life Goal: ATM, I'm working and saving money to buy shit I want :)

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Oct 5 '14

When a video game lets you move during extended dialogue:



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Oct 5 '14

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Sep 28 '14

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Sep 27 '14

Pedro Barros - Varial kickflip indy 


Pedro Barros - Varial kickflip indy 

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Sep 27 '14

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Sep 3 '14

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Aug 6 '14

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Aug 3 '14

Neymar for Kibon

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Aug 3 '14

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Aug 2 '14


Iron Gym works, folks.

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